Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Been a long time.

Well, I am finally back. And to think it took almost a month to get me back on. I will try not to take so long next time. Even though I know I am probably the only person that sees this blog. Well a lot has happened in that month, Thanksgiving has come and gone, i dropped one of my classes(just couldn't take the madness), and a good friend left the state for a job, again.
I just want to extend an invitation to Dane and bobi, guys we need to get together and do something. It has been too long since we have been with eachother. I couldn't forget the harry yak. If you are reading this you have no life, lol, jk, it makes me feel special. How is lakeville treating you guys. WSP kinda sux. LOL. If you guys see Spiderman tell him I said hi.
Well I guess that is enough for now. But don't worry there will be more.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

YES! I was finally able to acquire a picture of myself.

Don't you just love the fact that it is turned sideways!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Work Sucks!

So after much thought and consideration, I have come to the conclusion that my boss is a BITCH!

She doesn't seem to realize or care that people are overwhelmed. She keeps doing things that she thinks will help, but they don't. The things she does makes everytyhing worse.

Hey J, I am considering coming back. Not right away. I wouldn't want to leave the store the wrong way. But lets face it, I am dying here! So I might need you to work your magic. Just a heads up, nothing is for sure.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

My friends suck

So i go over to my buddies place last saturday night cause he called me at work to say he was having people over. So i get there and find out that all they have is alcohol. Well being the only sober person i know i run to the store to get my self something and to get them a lime. So i get in the store and think i will call and make sure that a lemon is all they need. My buddy answers and says that they are all going to visit a friend of mine. That would have been fine if we hadn't done just that last weekend. When i say go visit i mean one of my friends goes to school 1 hour away. And they were leaving at like 10 at night. The real problem is that the one who thought of the idea is one of those guys that gets all the girls cause "he is just so cute". But the thing is he never actually does anything with them. The other thing is the friend they went and visited is the one i like and it is hard to see her and know that nothing will ever come of it. So my weekend consisted of me sitting at home watching tv alone. Some friends huh.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


So I go into work tonight expecting to see somebody I am friends with. And when I say somebody I mean ANYBODY. Well I am sad to report that I am the only person worth mentioning that closes on Wednesdays.

So Dane, Bobi, or even you Harry Yak please come and visit me cause I am so lonely on Wednesday nights and we haven't even opened yet.

The one nice thing about tonight is that the last piece of my browser finally came in. How they forgot it in the first place I will never know. But I guess when you can argue with some fuck head from corporate for 15 minutes about what you are supposed to do with over 100 extra pieces of backer paper it seems reasonable that some other over paid screw up can count wrong. Also miscounting by 1 when dealing with 26 sections is a lot better than miscounting by 50+ when dealing with 29 sections.

So I might as well explain the argument I just mentioned. So I work at Target and I am in charge of the Entertainment Department. I am in a gray store(gray refers to the color of the shelving in the department) not only that but I am in a brand new store, never even been open to the public. Well I go to put up the paper that goes on the wall so it looks nicer and there is a guy there from corporate helping out, and myself and some other people look at how much paper we have when we are finished putting it up in the 29 sections where it can possibly be used and it is easily over 100 sheets(2 sheets = 1 section) and we ask where the rest is supposed to go. Well we didn't actually know who the guy was when we asked the question we just figured he was some peon like the rest of us. But he gets really defensive about it and starts telling us that the extra paper is supposed to go in the department. How are we supposed to put up 50 sections worth of backer paper when I only have 6 sections with peg board(the stuff you attach it to) in the department! And on top of that the plans for the shit that goes there doesn't call for it.

I will tell you, if it weren't for real morons this company might be bigger than Wal-Mart. What am I saying, everyone that works at Wal-Mart is a moron!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

For all those who miss me

Well the new store is interesting. i still have yet to recieve my signing and a lot of my shelving.
most days we just kind of stand around looking for stuff to do. luckily i get to leave early mon-thurs for school. although most dayds i would rather stay at work cause lets face it school sucks ass.

oh yeah and thank you dane for caring enough to say you miss me.

wow my life consists of work school and shitty parties on the weekends.
i guess the parties wouldn't be that bad if i actually ended up with a girl at the end of the night.


Monday, August 29, 2005


See you Thursday Danius Maximus!

Mixed signals

So I attended yet another of my friends parties. Also attending was a girl that I have recently become friends with. Until Saturday I figured because she has a boyfriend I wouldn't have a chance. So she gets drunk and as usual I am sober and keeping the peace. Well the whole night she is kind of acting like she is sort of interested in me, which I find really shocking because this girl is way out of my league(I am talking she is an 8 and I am like a 5 at best).

So anyway, a little later in the night she isn't feeling well( she already threw-up but she still seemed sick) so she sits down next to me on the couch. We start talking, and a while later she asks if she can use my thigh as a pillow. Being the gentleman that I am I say yes, again thinking of it as just a friend thing because her boyfriend.

Well she lays there for a while and then she gets up and lays on the floor next to my friend.

Long story short they end up making out.

And now I feel like I would(if not should have) been the one she made out with, had I just been a little less of a gentleman in my thinking of her boyfriend and the fact that she was drunk.

Am I stupid, or what?